The Authority accredits and maintains a register of Government ICT suppliers. The Authority may remove the name or a contractor from the register of contractors if the contractor has been debarred from participating in a procurement process under any legislation or received written complaints from any government agency in regards to the contractors’ performance. The following documents are required during accreditation:

  1. Duly Filled Form ICTA/STD/CTR/F001 Download Here
  2. Company profile
  3. certificate of incorporation
  4. companies act/ permit
  5. KRA compliance certificate
  6. CVs , university certificate, national id copies and KRA pin for all of all directors
  7. Past LPOs, Recommendation Letters
  8. the recent bank statement from the last financial year together with the audited accounts of the same
  9. partnership certificates if any
    Binded document to be sent to Telposta Towers, 23rd Floor, ICTA Standards Department
    Accreditation Period is within one week of document receipt
    Certificate Should Be picked in person by a designated company representative after the one week grace period
    For enquiries, feel free to email us on

If a supplier accredited by the ICT Authority is involved in unethical practices, please launch a formal complaint through email or form on this website