Frequently Asked Questions

What is DigiSchool?
What is the objective of the programme?
Which schools are going to benefit from the programme?
Is DigiSchool introducing ICT as a learning subject in primary schools?
Will DigiSchool replace the teacher in the classroom?
When are all the public schools going to receive their devices?
When is full roll out and teacher training?
How will Special Needs Education be taken care of?
Do private schools benefit from the programme?
How will I know that my school is ready for the programme?
Are there any guidelines for model classrooms?
What devices do schools expect to receive?
Are the devices for class 1 only or for the whole school?
How should other classes access the devices?
What are the plans for the upper classes on the programme?
How does the teacher use the devices in teaching and learning?
Who develops the digital content?
Which other organisations will be involved in developing digital content?
Are teachers allowed to create digital content that is not approved by KICD?
How is additional content loaded on the devices?
How is content updated in case of new release?
What happens to the teachers who do not know how to use digital technologies?
Can the pupils or teachers take the devices home?
Who is responsible for the devices at the school?
What happens if the school is broken into and devices are stolen?