Shared Services

About Shared Services

Shared Services are activities concerned with centralizing the Government of Kenya’s information technology systems and services for increased efficiency and effective use of government assets.
The departments under Shared Services include:

Applications Department

The ICT Authority in its mandate to facilitate and regulate the design, implementation and use of ICTs in the public service, through its Applications department provides services to MCDAs which include:

  • Domain Management Services
  • Web Development and Hosting
  • Applications Development
  • Design and Implementation of Database Management Systems
  • Applications Support Services

Infrastructure Department

The ICTA through enhanced connectivity initiatives enables communication and collaboration within Government bodies at the national and county levels. With this support, Government is able to provide services to the public in a faster and more effective way. The current initiatives are:

Government Common Core Network (GCCN)

This is the infrastructure backbone for data and voice services across all government ministries, which are used to facilitate ICT business planning, shared infrastructure and leverage on new technological opportunities.

National Optical Fiber Backbone Infrastructure (NOFBI)

NOFBI is aimed at ensuring connectivity in all the 47 counties of Kenya. The implementation of this project seeks to ease communication across counties as well as improve government service delivery to the citizens such as application of national identity cards, passports and registration of birth and death certificates

County Connectivity Project (CCP)

CCP aims at ensuring that county Government offices are connected to the internet as well as promoting online services using telephones, emails and teleconferencing. The project specifically aims to connect County Commissioners Offices, Treasury Departments, Civil Registration Departments, National Registry Bureau, Education Department Offices, and Governors Offices.

Government Data Center (GDC)

The GDC facilitates the hosting of MCDAs applications. Through this centralization, government data is easy to access by government bodies at national and county level through connectivity to the GCCN.

Information Security Department

The ICTA, in line with the mandate to establish, develop and maintain secure ICT infrastructure and systems, provides services to MCDAs which include:

  • Guidance in the implementation of Information Security Management Systems, which ensures government organizations are aware of security risks faced and the controls to implement address them.
  • Information systems security audits which looks into compliance with the Information Security Standard and industry best practices to identify risk and corrective actions to be taken.
  • Management of the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) for government which seeks to create a secure online transaction environment and set up an online identity and verification system.
  • Information security advisory in design and implementation of projects and systems.
  • Information security awareness training and support to MCAs.