You can now talk and transact with the Nairobi City County Online

You can now talk and transact with the Nairobi City County Online

You can now talk and transact with the Nairobi City County Online

June 26th 2014 ?Already citizens can access information, communicate with the County and pay for land rates and single business unit through the new portal

Nairobi residents can now expect easy, fast, secure and personalized services from the Nairobi City County. The county has launched a personalized and user-friendly online platform http://

Through the platform residents can now pay for services like single business permits and land rates through a variety of payment options like mobile money, Visa/credit cards or agency banking.? The county also expects to offer other payments like parking fees, market rates, application for building permits and advertisements in the next two months.

At the same time, the county customers will be able to get feedback on any information they may require through the portal which is fused to Social Media. The county is also expected to seal revenue collection loowpoles through the e-payment system.

The new site will allow the citizens to access NCC services from anywhere and at any time over the internet using devices ranging from the most basic web-enabled cellwpones, smart wpones, laptops and tablets.

The web portal and the e-payment solution leads the way to the County ICT-led Transformation Programme which started in 2013 and is aimed at improving efficiency and accountability to the collection and management of NCC funds.

The e-payment solution was financed by the Nairobi City County for Ksh24 million while the Web platform was supported by the ICT Authority through a World Bank funding of Kshs 24.95 million.

A local ICT company eMomentum Interactive Systems Limited, which supports innovative ideas and provides web solutions suited to a fast changing technology environment saw to the site implementation and will provide managed services and maintenance support for a period of 3 years, with 3 full time staff available at NCC to assist with management, administration and oversight over the daily running of the portal.

Upon taking office in 2013, the Governor, Dr Evans Kidero and Deputy Governor, Jonathan Mueke made ICT Transformation one of their key agenda items. This led to the commencement of the Nairobi City County ICT Transformation Programme in September 2013 in partnership with the ICT Authority.

Under the Programme, the ICT Authority was able to lend technical support towards the development of an ICT Roadmap for the County of Nairobi in September 2013.

This roadmap identified distinct projects that would need to be implemented in order to speed-up service delivery to the citizen and automate back office operations.

The ICT Authority will in future support the Nairobi County to implement some crucial ICT projects namely an Integrated City Management Solution, unified communications solution as well as Capacity building and advisory services.

The project is part of the County support under a Worldbank funding of US$ 30 million (Kshs 2.61 billion) that is earmarked to benefit all the 47 County Government with their ICT transformations. Nairobi County will receive US$ 15.75 million (Kshs 1.37 billion) in support for the next three years.

Separately, NCC is in the process of securing a procure Data Centre and LAN implementation System.